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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hi everyone!

I am Sharmila, I have been holding baking classes for the past 20 years. A bit about me and how I started baking. You will be surprised to know that I have attended only a few cooking/ baking classes. I have learned all the nuances of fine baking from my mom and later brought in my creativity. This is what makes my classes stand out. The regular stuff is not on offer. Baking and teaching is my passion and I am so blessed that I get too interact with people and help them in every way in realizing their dreams.

First, all the courses offered are eggless. Second, these eggless baked goodies are much more delicious, soft, and moist as compared to their egg counterparts. These two qualities put together has made my classes very successful with a lot of my students.

Also, the courses I offered by me are of professional level and you after gaining hands-on experience, you can start your ventures too!!

In fact some of my students are supplying from their own homes through their ventures/ bakeries. And most of them were either homemakers or professionals on sabbatical but are now already exploring a career in Baking!!

I have had students from diverse professions like air hostesses, crime journalists, IT, etc who came for the sake of learning something new. But within a year resigned from their jobs, and started their ventures. The courses helped them gain confidence in doing something new and also explore it to make it a profession. It turns out that they have trained a few more women who help them in the making of things they have learned which helps them run businesses professionally and help empower other women in the process.

In the future maybe I would like to start a Baking Institute in Delhi. Students so far have been from Delhi/ NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Amritsar, Kenya, Hong Kong, London, Maldives, etc.

I do want to say “Believe in your dreams and work consistently towards your goals” – This has been my mantra!!

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